Wrist Protection

Wrist Protection

Our patented ergonomic comb design helps reduce the probability of developing tendonitis,arthritis and carpal tunnel.
Blend Better

Blend Better

Blending faster and easier when using clipper over comb, scissor over comb and razor over comb technique.

Where It All Began

This comb was designed by a barber who is highly skilled and talented with a true working knowledge of how this comb will benefit barbers and cosmetologists around the world. He is an award-winning barber with over 25 years of experience which includes, barbershop owner, platform artist, master educator, and has a Ph.D. in barbering (D.P.B.). This comb has been designed with the utmost care and respect to the craft of barbering, with only one goal in mind. And that is to provide the best possible blending experience for every barber/stylist and every client who sits in the chair and gives you the best cut that money can buy.

Why Choose EZ Blend Master?

  • Helps prevent tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel.
  • Smooth Gray color contrast on any color hair for clear visibility.
  • Makes Blending faster and easier when using clipper over comb, scissor over comb, and razor over comb technique.
  • It makes you look like the most skilled barber ever and sets you apart from your peers.
  • No more flipping the comb.

Upgrade Your Arsenal Today

Take your blending skills to the next level with the EZ blend Master.

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